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We are the team behind "My Country, My Country" a new, unproduced musical about Congolese independence.

We garnered a large audience for an "active reading" of the piece at the Denver Art Museum, followed by another packed house reading in partnership with Groupmuse.

And now, we want to keep telling this very compelling story -- and we want YOU to be along for the ride with an inside look as we do it. We've gotten attention from some big national workshops, so we want to make sure that we have the resources to keep writing, composing, rehearsing and recording to do this work the justice it deserves.

If you choose to be come a #CountryBuilder, not only will you receive our infinite gratitude, but you will get exclusive tracks, track previews, Q&A, workshop videos, update videos, and even merch.

At the end of the day, we know that the time is now to tell this story, and we hope that we can do justice to the richness of this narrative in an important time for our world. So thank you in advance for your support.

--Brenton, Brodie & Gio

Playwright Statement
“Both of my parents grew up in Congo. I was born with the languages and culture in my blood. And yet, I grew up in the US, and have traveled to many other places. And that has made me so fascinated with the intersection of stories. Whenever I tell people something difficult like ‘10 million people have died in Congo in the last 15 years’ or something positive like ‘Kinshasa is the 10th biggest city in the world,’ they always react with surprise. So it is my intention to erase any barriers between an audience and this story. I intend to show the intersections between Europe, Africa and the US through these two men how similar these cultures were and still are, and how looking at this period 60 years ago can give us a richer understanding of our world today, and ultimately – ourselves.” — Brenton Weyi

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My Country My Country
Denver, Colorado
My Country, My Country is a new, unproduced musical following Congolose indepedence by award-winning writer Brenton Weyi and multi-genre singer/songwriter Brodie Kinder

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